To have the story of the North Stann Creek Valley available to its people.

First Let's

​our History

Over 1,600 years ago Aristotle said "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" To begin to know oneself you must understand your history.  The valley have been blessed, but many opportunities have also passed it's residents because of a lack of knowledge of their history.

Then let's WORK to

Conserve our History
Old steam engines lie rotting of the floors of Middlesex Valley, large railway trestle standing 30 feet over the jungle canopy are being burst apart by even larger tree roots. The Pomona Caves are being mined, looted and smeared with graffiti. How can a people conserve what they know not of?


Educate Others
The older residents of the Valley who rode on the trains of the Stann Creek Valley Railway can now be counted on one hand and oral stories are now being forgotten.

It is imperative that the school curriculum of the Stann Creek Valley include a  portion on its own rich history.

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